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Lux Lucis: songs to light



A journey through three inspired musical traditions:
The Gregorian chant, the Persian chant, the Byzantine chant
The program was born out of a heartfelt love, a strong and prolific meeting between three men from Lebanon, Iran and France, and three traditions of sacred music: Ensemble Beatus singers explore together the common roots of sacred music that come from our origins. The program brings together several feats evoking the light: Christmas, Easter or the feast of Saint John the Evangelist.


Georges Abdallah: Byzantine chant
Taghi Akhbari: Persian chant
Jean-Paul Rigaud: Gregorian chant

Renaud Brés: Gregorian chant
Stephan Olry: Gregorian chant
No material needed


Ensemble Beatus - Jean-Paul Rigaud © Nicolas Sarre


Recording session at Abbaye aux Dames, Saintes \ Ensemble Beatus - Jean-Paul Rigaud

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